Automobile Care

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Car Wash Cuts through the most dirty surfaces to remove grime, grease, dirt, soot, oil film and bug residue from painted surfaces. Environmentally safe.
Truck Wash Provides extra foaming, especially formulated for heavy duty applications.
Wash and Gleam Washes and waxes in one application.
Lustre Clean Guards against ultra violet rays. Prevents cracking and fading of rubber, vinyl, plastic, and leather. Makes surfaces anti-static to repel dust.
Carpet Shampoo Highly concentrated. Strong and effective on natural and synthetic fabrics.
Tyre Shine Rejuvenates and adds a glistening appearance to new and near new tyres. Silicone based leaving tyres with a wet look.
Tyre Coat A non-silicon liquid to restore the original look. Can be used in panel shops. Spray or paint on.
Mag Wheel Cleaner An acid based detergent that shifts heavy grime from alloy. Excellent for removing brake dust.
Clear Vision Cuts grease, smears and dirty finger marks instantly from windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and other hard surfaces.
Windscreen Washer Additive Add to the washer reservoir to remove bugs and road grime from windscreen.
Pro Cool Provides anti-freeze and anti-boil protection. 35% glycol.
Super Coolant Provides protection against rust and corrosion. Provides anti-boil in summer and anti-freeze in winter. 95% glycol
Corrosion Inhibitor Minimises corrosion in cooling systems.
Distilled Water Car battery top-up.
Penatrene Water dispersant and fast release for nuts, bolts and automotive parts.
Acetone Solvent that removes adhesives and prepares metal prior to painting.
All Purpose Thinners Solvent degreaser for cleaning up after painting.
Brake Clean Thoroughly removes brake dust, oils, grease and brake fluid.
Carby Solv (Cold Dip) Strong acid-based stripper and cleaner. For painted surfaces and carbys.
Easy Spray Metal Protector Silicone base to protect hard surfaces from rust and build-up of grime.
Orange Power Powerful citrus based solvent degreaser. Effectively removes wax and tar, degreases motors, spot cleans carpet, removes ink and most types of paint.
Prep Wash (Prepsal) Cleans surfaces in preparation for painting.