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Bin Liners A variety of bin liners to suite most industrial needs. Range from 36Lt light commercial to industrial Super-HD75lt, HD82Lt and 120lt Otto bin liners.
Gloves Use rubberised gloves when working with caustic and acid compounds.
Mops, Brooms, Buckets, Squeegees Heavy duty or domestic quality. Please specify which.
Cleaning Rags Coloured singlet, white singlet or flannel rags.
Chamois Industrial strength for maximum moisture absorbtion.
Sponges For washing vehicles. Super soft. Also available, the "bug sponge" with a soft scourer to remove stuck-on bugs.
Bottles and containers 500ml bottles with spray atomisers or squirt tops and 5Lt containers with screw tops.
Dispenser for Liquid Soap Push button dispenser for Gentle Wash and other liquid soaps.
Dispenser for Easy Guard Hand Cleaner Industrial dispenser in brushed aluminium for use with Easy Guard 5Lt capsules.
Dispenser for Paper Towels Dispensers to suit 80m roll towels and 23.5 x24cm interleaved towels.