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Laundry Powder - White and Bright Economy, lemon scented laundry washing powder. Very good for day-to-day washing.
Laundry Powder - King Wash High grade, enzyme based washing powder for heavily soiled items.
Laundry Liquid - First Choice Economy laundry liquid. Cleans and brightens clothes in hot or cold water.
Laundry Liquid - Premium High grade, enzyme based liquid for heavily soiled items.
Power Soaker A eucalyptus scented oxygen powder bleach that doesn’t discolour clothes.
White Lightening Sodium hypochlorate (4%) based liquid bleach for whitening clothes prior to washing.
Prewash Stain Remover Spray on to soil and oil stains before washing. Neutral fragrance.
Fabrisoft Softens fabrics beautifully with a fragrance that leaves clothes smelling fresh.