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All Wash Gives an outstanding cleaning of tableware in institutional dishwashing machines. A non-scaling alkaline liquid formulation.
Chlor Wash Chlorinated commercial dishwashing machine liquid.
Solid Wash Chlorinated dishwashing powder in capsules for use in automated dispenser.
Powder Brite A powerful dishwashing powder, chlorine based. Small amount required for excellent results.
Rinse Aid Drying and rinsing agent to prevent water spotting on cutlery and plates.
Sparkle Cleans dirty glasses to a sparkle when used in glass washing machines.
Destainer Powder soaker that destains crockery and cutlery.
Sink Wash Top performing dishwashing detergent. Great for most dishwashing needs.
Grease Eater Premium washing up liquid. Cuts through greasy crockery, cutlery, pans and utensils.
Oven & Grills Cleans ovens, grills and hotplates. Used in hundreds of commercial kitchens.
Remove All All purpose alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser. Removes stubborn built up grime. Cleans motor bodies and machinery. Well suited to high pressure unit machines. Biodegradable.
Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash Cleans and disinfects hands. Non perfumed, white pearl and solvent-free. Should be used in food handling and preparation areas.
Anti-Bac Spray and Wipe Cleans and disinfects kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Essential for commercial kitchens. Has a neutral pH.
Centrefeed Wipes Absorbent paper towel for use with dispenser.
Paper Roll Towel Wall mounted rolls to dry hands and spills. Use with dispensers.
Show Shine Polishes stainless steel to a streak-free finish.
White Lightening Sodium hypochlorate (4%) based liquid bleach for soaking and sanitising utensils and other items in the kitchen and bathroom.
Sanitiser Concentrated, powerful and odourless. For use in kitchens, bathrooms and food preparation areas.
Neutral Detergent/Sanitiser Cleans and sanitises. Will cut grease and remove soil from most washable surfaces. Has a neutral pH.
Lift Off Alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser, highly effective on mineral grease, fats and badly soiled floor areas. Biodegradable.
High Foam Degreaser Water based detergent degreaser. Can be used to remove oil and grease in kitchens. Biodegradable.
Rapid Clean Alkaline based powder, mixes in water to dissolve animal fats and clean greasy floors in butcheries, smallgoods factories etc.
Pysect Insect Spray Food-safe aerosol spray, kills insects dead fast. Used in an automatic dispenser.