General Cleaning

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Excellent All-Purpose Cleaner Hazard safe Spray & Wipe for cleaning interior surfaces.
Anti-Bac Spray and Wipe Cleans and disinfects kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Essential for commercial kitchens. Has a neutral pH.
Orange Power Powerful citrus based solvent degreaser. Effectively removes wax and tar, degreases motors, spot cleans carpet, removes ink and most types of paint.
Ezi Kleen All purpose water-based degreaser/cleaner. Mildly alkaline. Removes soil and heavy grease stains from machinery, walls, floors and most soiled areas. Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
Methylated Spirits What can we say ...its Metho.
Clear Vision Cuts grease, smears and dirty finger marks instantly from windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and other hard surfaces.
Remove All All purpose alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser. Removes stubborn built up grime. Cleans motor bodies and machinery. Well suited to high pressure unit machines. Biodegradable.
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner A concentrated water based cleaner-degreaser for safe and effective removal of heavy grease and soil. Can be used in pressure sprayers.
Terminator Heavy duty, high alkaline surface cleaner for removal of grease, dry carbon, animal fat, mould etc. Great for cleaning loading docks, meat processing floors etc. Do not use on aluminum, anodised or painted surfaces.
Carpet Shampoo Highly concentrated. Strong and effective on natural and synthetic fabrics.
Super Clean Powerful detergent-based floor cleaner. Used for all types of surfaces.
Strip Clean Floor Stripper Cleans off old wax coating prior to re-sealing.
Top Seal High solid-based floor sealer, leaving a nice shine on most types of floors.
Mo-Flo Specifically formulated to clean blocked drains.
Beer Line Cleaner Brackton 2-part beer line cleaner.