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Odour Smart Range Deodoriser/Disinfectants A powerful cleaner & deodoriser with sanitiser. Eliminates odours for a fresh, clean smell. Has a neutral pH. Lemon, eucalyptus, boronia, powder puff and vanilla fragrances.
Disinfectant Cleans and sanitises. Comes in lemon, eucalyptus, boronia, powder puff and vanilla fragrances. Has a neutral pH.
Sweet Lu Highly effective in-cistern automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
Toilet Crystals Deodoriser tablets for urinals.
Washroom and Toilet Bowl Cleaner A powerful heavy-duty liquid cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and deodorise toilet bowls, floors and basins.
Neutral Detergent/Sanitiser Cleans and sanitises. Will cut grease and remove soil from most washable surfaces. Has a neutral pH.
Sanitiser Concentrated, powerful and odourless. For use in kitchens, bathrooms and food preparation areas.
Freshmate Gives a fresh, clean smell to bathrooms. For use in the automatic dispenser. Comes in Jasmine, Apple or Vanilla.
Bathroom Aid Chlorinated sanitiser that disinfects and cleans fat, soap scum, mildew and mold from bathroom surfaces. Bio-degradeable.
White Lightening Sodium hypochlorate (4%) based liquid bleach for soaking and sanitising utensils and other items in the kitchen and bathroom.
Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash Cleans and disinfects hands. Non perfumed, white pearl and solvent-free. Should be used in food handling and preparation areas.
Gentle Wash White or pink, mildly scented liquid pearl hand soap. Ideal as a refill for bathroom soap dispensers.
Interleaved Paper Towel Interleaved Paper Towel for use in wall dispensers. 23.5 x 24cm is the standard size. Ctn of 16 packs of 150.
Centrefeed Wipes Absorbent paper towel for use with dispenser.
Paper Roll Towel Wall mounted rolls to dry hands and spills. Use with dispensers.
Toilet Rolls - 2-ply Toilet Paper 2-ply - (400 sheets is the standard). 48 rolls per carton.
Jumbo 2-ply Toilet Rolls 2-ply, for use in dispensers.
Junior Jumbo 2-ply Toilet Rolls 2-ply, for use in dispensers.