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Laundry Liquid - First Choice Economy laundry liquid. Cleans and brightens clothes in hot or cold water.
Laundry Liquid - Premium High grade, enzyme based liquid for heavily soiled items.
Laundry Powder - White and Bright Economy, lemon scented laundry washing powder. Very good for day-to-day washing.
Laundry Powder - King Wash High grade, enzyme based washing powder for heavily soiled items.
Front Loader Washing Powder Low suds, highly perfumed powder.
Wool Wash Especially formulated to wash and protect wool fibre. It leaves your garments clean, soft and fresh with eucalyptus oil fragrance.
Fabrisoft Softens fabrics beautifully with a fragrance that leaves clothes smelling fresh.
Prewash Stain Remover Spray on to soil and oil stains before washing. Neutral fragrance.
Power Soaker A eucalyptus scented oxygen powder bleach that doesn’t discolour clothes.
Sodium Hypochlorite Strong, chlorine based cleaner/sanitiser. 12% NaOCl.
Distilled Water For filling steam irons.